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The Images contains three different sections: Official Images, Fanart, and Doujinshi Images. The newest and most popular images are listed on this page, while the full galleries can be found on each individual page.
Warning: Many of these images are large (>100k). You can see the size of each image by mousing over the thumbnail.

[Official Images] [Fanart] [Doujinshi Images]

Official Images - Art from the anime and various merchandise. The full gallery can be found on the Official Images page.
Several of these pictures were donated by Nihonjoe (thank you!).

Most Popular Official Images
(36k) Profile of Kaworu as he appears to Gendo in End of Evangelion (88k) Chibi string quartet  from an Evangelion screen saver collection (366k) Kaworu holding a can of UCC coffee (246k) The 5 children in a circle. Cover to a card collection folder? (65k) Kaworu in a top hat and tails - bonus image from the Gainax card game Bonjour Seven Up
(176k) Kaworu/Lilith/Rei reaching out to Shinji, from End of Eva (106k) Drawing of Kaworu by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, character designer for Evangelion (97k) Kaworu & Shinji with arms linked - from a trading card (83k) A trading card with Kaworu in front of Lilith (214k) The 5 children with Kensuke & Hikari

Newest Official Images
(110k) Kaworu looking over his shoulder at Shinji, from a trading card (146k) Kaworu and Shinji, from a Death & Rebirth trading card (60k) Kaworu, Rei and Asuka congratulating Shinji in the last episode of Evangelion (77k) Cover to a school calendar featuring Kaworu, Shinji, Asuka and Rei (166k) Kaworu and the rest of the Eva characters

The full gallery can be found on the Fanart page. All fanart is here with the permission of the artists. If you wish to use the art for anything other than your own personal, private use, please contact the artists via their web pages. If you've created any Kaworu fanart that you'd like to see up on the site, please .

Most popular fanart
(225k) Kaworu with an angel mask, by Arnistotle (229k) Kaworu & Rei with lilies by Melloss (134k) Kaworu & Shinji with their arms around each other by Pirotess (145k) Kaworu with angel wings holding an unconscious Shinji by Melloss (77k) Barefoot Kaworu with wings and a black cat by Melloss
by Arnistotle by Melloss by Pirotess by Melloss
by Melloss
(45k) Kaworu & Rei in their plugsuits by Dizzy (80k) Kaworu in his school uniform by Julie Dillon (101k) XVII Kaworu (ver. 2) by Olga (40k) Kaworu being a bad boy, by N (222k) Kaworu in his school uniform with a light shining on him, by N
by Dizzy by Julie Dillon by Olga (ver. 2) by N
by N

Newest fanart
(61k) Kaworu, Shinji, Asuka and Rei, by Akane (40k) Kaworu standing against the sunset, by Akane (53k) Chibi Kaworu with some of the other angels, by Akane (47k) Kaworu in his plugsuit, by Akane (68k) Kaworu with angel wings, by Akane
by Akane by Akane by Akane by Akane by Akane

Doujinshi Images
Doujinshi are unofficial manga created and sold in very small print runs by individual artists and groups of artists. The full gallery, as well as links to other Kaworu doujinshi sites, can be found on the Doujinshi page. NOTE: although there is nothing explicit, some of these doujinshi do contain romantic and sexual situations.

Most popular doujinshi images
(14k) Kaworu licking Shinji's fingers (35k) Kaworu and Shinji goin' at it (46k) Kaworu reading a letter (35k) Kaworu and Shinji embracing (53k) Kaworu apparently looking at a clone of himself
(35k) Kaworu looking up wistfully (53k) Portrait of Kaworu (53k) Kaworu behind the Sephirotic System (58k) Kaworu and Shinji, from the cover of Natsu Byou (54k) Kaworu giving Shinji a kiss under the mistletoe

Newest doujinshi images
(55k) A tank full of Kaworu clones (14k) Kaworu smiling at Shinji (56k) Shinji standing on a pile of dead Kaworu clones and crying (106k) Cover of Oyasuminasai Konekochan (12k) Smiling chibi-Kaworu

[Official Images] [Fanart] [Doujinshi Images]

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